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Vilnis ir Baltijos gintarai

Vilnis ir Baltijos gintarai

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PL Company “Vilnis ir Baltijos Gintarai” was established in 1990 and currently has 9 employees

We specialize in making amber jewelry, amber souvenirs and business gifts. We trade locally and practice wholesale. The main shop is located in Palanga, Lithuania (10 Senojo turgaus street) where the main office is also situated. Here we sell the souvenirs in units or, if desired, there is a possibility to order in larger quantities. We also organize educational lessons about amber, its origin and healing features, manufacturing secrets. Our workshop in Palanga offers amber jewelry maintenance and repairs.

In 2002 we opened an office / shop in Dubai, UAE. Company takes part in various jewelry and art exhibitions all over the world. We have partners in Latvia, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Scandinavia UAE and other Gulf countries.

Since 2008 company started producing other goods from amber for human consumption and wellbeing, like slippers, pillows and pillow covers, electric heated mattresses, back support belts, etc. Those products are all hand made from 100% linen and amber. We received accreditation in 2011. Scientific research was carried out to prove the positive effect on human body. In 2013 company received patent for an invention, license to continue making and selling those products, which are now being used by SPA centers for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Company is establishing amber therapy rooms, where our own products are also being used.

Since 2019 every item has been sawn within our own company. We are able to make 3000units per 30 days of our own stock range. We accept orders from clients, whether it’s within our own range or materials or not.

All employees working in our company are highly trained, have a lot of experience working with amber.

Our goal is to enlighten as many people as possible about the positive effect of amber to the healing of the human body and so that all of it would be accessible worldwide. Our ancestors knew about it and hopefully we will find time to do so as well in our busy day schedules.

Our products

All the amber therapy products presented in the catalog have been developed within ten years.
The positive effects of these amber products are scientifically proven to improve human health.
They improve blood circulation and help to solve the problems of insomnia.

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UAB Vilnis ir Baltijos gintarai

Registration code: 152402026
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Address: Senojo Turgaus g. 10, LT-00128 Palanga